About WheelCrafters

Alloy Wheel Refinishing Machine

In 1990 a local need to clean and repair alloy wheels was noticed by WheelCrafters. At that time they were a high end Auto Detailing company. The northeast is generally hard on alloy wheels because of the climate and bad roads. Just repainting wheels silver was an option but most of their customers that had machine cut alloy wheels didn’t want that. They wanted the OEM finish like they always had.

The only solution was to re-cut the wheels like they did from the factory. Unfortunately those machine lathes were very expensive and not up to the job of working on all the different sizes of wheels from all the auto manufacturers. WheelCrafters decided to make their own equipment. Right from the start they knew what they needed. A robust system that would replicate the OEM finish of machine cut alloy wheels. A system that was quick and easy to use and didn’t require any adapters to fit all the various sizes of wheels on the market and the larger wheels that were coming out.

Through their own ingenuity and the outside help of local engineers they soon had a system that did everything they needed it to do and more. The original idea was to use the system and provide it with the auto detail franchises they were selling. Wheel repair quickly outpaced the auto detailing part of the business. Auto detailing was soon dropped to concentrate on alloy wheel repair. WheelCrafters soon added wheel straightening and developed their own rim straightener. Over time the system has been upgraded with small improvements but the machine works exactly the same as it did in the 1990’s. A time proven system that continues to refinish wheels around the world 25 years later.

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