Can My Alloy Wheels Be Refinished ?

    The question our company is most frequently asked is can my wheels be refinished.  The answer is most alloy wheels can be refinished to their original finish.  There are many different types of alloy wheels. They can be cast painted wheels. They can be a machine finished wheels, polished wheels, chrome plated, OEM, or after market wheels.  Wheels vary from manufacturer to manufacturer how they are made. Most original equipment manufactured wheels (OEM) can be easily refinished. OEM wheels in most cases are of higher quality than after market alloy wheels.  OEM wheels vary in size, coatings and how they corrode. The most common OEM alloy wheel is machine finished.  This is a wheel that has painted inserts or a painted center with a machine face or outer edge. Most inserts are either bright silver, dark silver or black.  These inserts are easily refinished as well but done before the wheel is re-machined.  That is if they need to be refinished.  In most cases the inserts are perfectly fine.  The machine area is usually the area that gets damaged and or corrodes first. Our refinishing system will spin the machine finished wheel at high speed, the operator will then re-cut a new machine finish removing any corrosion or curb damage.  From there it is just a matter of re-clear coating and the wheel will look like new again. 

    Color painted alloy wheels can be a cast alloy rims or a machine cut wheel the manufacturer
decided to paint rather than clear coat. Some manufactures do both to the same wheel.
Toyota Tacoma truck wheels are one example. Same machine cut wheel with some painted
silver and some with a clear coat finish. Aftermarket wheels can be easy or impossible to refinish. Easy in that the paints and clear coats are usually very thin. This makes working on the wheel generally easy. Some aftermarket wheels unfortunately have fake/imitation parts. Usually to make it look like a two piece wheel with fake bolts. In most cases these bolts are chrome plated plastic and cannot be removed. Depending on their location it can make refinishing difficult.